Taking pictures of the emotions

Even if there is no any sure confirmation but it seems the wedding photography to be born in occasion of the Queen Victoria’s wedding happened 170 years ago. That picture had a great diffusion and since that time started to be highly requested by the future married. Still many years have been passed before getting the accessibility for everybody due to the high costs of the service.

Up to a decade ago the pictures were taking in posing or static images of the married and parents during the certain moments of the wedding day: entering to the church, rings exchange or the cake cutting.

In our days the different approach has been changed to “reportage” style when the pictures are taking in a more spontaneous way and getting the realistic and personal story of that special day.

The photographer then should put you in your ease , follow you in discreet way without being intrusive, ripping of any smile, seizing emotion, happiness or any other one.

You live your serenity moments in a way that the beauty of your images is due to the simplicity and naturalness and not to perfection of the posing or a diva expression.

Thumb down is also for the excessive post production which alters your uniqueness…… Nevertheless, it is allowed to ask the photographer to take out a pimple.