Four legged love

Sometimes our first love isn’t the indended…..but the own pet! Considering the importance that pets have in our ordinary life, is not possible to think about the wedding day without them!Our four-legged friend will be with us during the preparation, attentive and a bit dazed ‘cause of the comings and goings of people in the house. He/she would be present during the mass, provided his/her tranquility. During a civil wedding it could be funny if our pet carries rings, taking us to the altar. During the wedding banquet, the garden could become a real playground for him/her! Our pet could be cuddled by everyone at the party! The only problem that we have to consider is that our four-legged friend could be worried about the people and scared about the music during the party….. for that reason we suggest to rely on a professional wedding dog sitter! The wedding dog sitter is a qualified person. He/she is often a professional trainer, who will help the bridegrooms during the photo-shooting!!!